Samuel Clemens, Katy Dean, Greg Fitch, Ewan Goddard, Michael Kirk, Lara Lemon, Duncan MacInnes, Andrew Paul, Neil Roberts, Philip Stewart, Kim Taylforth, George Telfer, Matthew Zlich


‘… this is absolutely first-rate theatre.’ - Eastbourne Herald


‘This is truly brilliant stuff … it all adds up to make a gripping piece of theatre …’ - Worcester News


‘… this is a slick, stylish and sophisticated production … Deft and assured direction from Patric Kearns ensures the pace is brisk without being rushed and strong performances further endorse the credentials of this exhilarating and excellent piece of theatre.’ - UK Theatre Network


‘talking Scarlet have a production to be proud of, and they come highly recommended when they return to Crewe Lyceum.’ - Nantwich News


‘… this riveting piece of theatre, directed by Patric Kearns.’ - Get West London


‘Finely acted — with George Telfer as a wonderfully jealous Dr Watson — and with more brains than the standard detective fare, this is an intelligent murder mystery to enjoy.’ - South Wales Evening Post


‘It didn’t take long to deduce this was a night of top notch entertainment …’ - Redditch Advertiser


‘Imaginative staging enhances the gothic tale’s rapidly changing scenes …’ - Darlington and Stockton Times


‘… there is a lightness and humour and this theory on a classic story is most enjoyable with some 5 star performances.’ - Fairy Powdered Productions



THE GHOST TRAIN By Arnold Ridley



Tom Butcher, Judy Buxton, Jo Castleton, Liz Garland, John Hester, Jeffrey Holland, David Janson, Sophie Powles, Ben Roddy, Chris Sheridan, Corrinne Wicks, Jolyon Young


‘… director Patric Kearns’s production efficiently serves up a cosily nostalgic night out …’ - Inverness Courier


‘The Ghost Train shows no sign of running out of steam.’ - Alfred Hickling in The Guardian


‘The set is a marvel, managing to imply so much from so few clues, mainly lighting and sound special effects. All in all, the twists and turns of plot are a mind-mangling treat, the traditional nature of the production, directed by Patric Kearns, is great homage to a great story told well – which is what we want. ****’ - Behind the Arras


‘An excellent cast respond superbly to the direction of Patric Kearns to bring out the suspense and humour of Arnold Ridley’s 1923 comedy-thriller … ****’ - Brighton Argus


‘The waiting room set is simple yet effective, and there is excellent use of light to suggest the passing of trains outside, and of sound to convey the raging storm.

The cast are universally excellent, with Tom Butcher stealing most of the laughs as upper class twit Teddie Deakin.

Such frightful fun means that this is one train definitely worth catching.’ - Basingstoke Gazette


‘Every twist and every shock moment is perfectly judged in Patric Kearns’ production … this expertly played production was perfect escapist entertainment.’ - Bournemouth Echo


‘Praise too to Geoff Gilder for recreating a realistic waiting room, a special plaudit for the sound effects man - and congratulations to Patric Kearns, the director, for giving us a revival we can savour!’ - Essential Surrey


‘… the station master, is played superbly by Jeffrey Holland …’ - British Theatre Guide


‘The stage design was very effective and the ghostly effects worked well aided by atmospheric lighting.’ - Theatre South East


‘A gripping watch and thoroughly enjoyable.’ - Broadway World


‘Patric Kearns’ direction squeezes out every twist and thrill …’ - Eastbourne Herald


‘… the convincing ensemble cast do this excellently by playing it straight. Even foolish ‘Teddie Deakin’ is believable. The shocks are delivered with perfect hesitations and comic timing. ****’ - Brighton Latest


‘… a few good natured jumps thrown in for good measure thanks, in the most part, to some nifty stage design, sound effects and lighting.’ - South Wales Evening Post


‘… an entertaining play, which has a clever twist, and is well directed by Patric Kearns. ****’ - Birmingham Mail


‘… this production which is simply excellent, traditional theatre performed by an experienced cast.

Throw in a sprinkle of imagination and you have the perfect stage show.’ - Native Monster


‘… seeing The Ghost Train in its original glory is beautiful …’ - Croydon Guardian


‘I adored it and heartily recommend you catch the Ghost Train it if you can.’ - Ladies Take On


‘talking Scarlet never fail to bring together brilliant casting … backed by great performances throughout and a claustrophobic set, the story rattles along like the titular mode of transport …’ - What’s On North East


‘This lively new production is full of atmospheric effects and mounting suspense, with the cast giving nicely rounded performances …’ - Darlington and Stockton Times