Kiss of Death

Hard-hitting, tightly-structured storyline, Kiss of Death is a very modern thriller with plenty of dark, sardonic humour to punctuate its mood of prevailing menace.


Actress Zoe Lang attends a most unusual improvisation workshop and finds herself auditioning to be the bait for a real-life serial killer. Taking on the role of a young runaway, Natasha Campion, Zoe meets the sinister and manipulative John Smith. Layer upon layer of twisted unreality is stripped away as Zoe and the police home in on their target.


Starring Peter Lovstrom (Widows), David Janson (Get Some In!, Keeping Up Appearances, Hi-de-Hi!), Ciara Janson (Hollyoaks),  and Davies Palmer.


Director and Designer

Patric Kearns


Lighting Designer

David North


Sound Designer

Marcus Hutton


Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th February 2017

Theatre Royal, Windsor 


Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th May 2017

Grand Theatre, Blackpool


Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th May 2017

Grand Theatre, Swansea


Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th May 2017

The Haymarket, Basingstoke


Tuesday 30th May - Saturday 3rd June 2017         

Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne


Monday 19th - Tuesday 20th June

Towngate Theatre, Basildon


Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th August        

Buxton Opera House